Friday, March 16, 2007

Dallas Day Trip

We took a family road trip to Dallas on Thursday. Kara needed to meet with her doctor and wanted me to come along. With it being Spring Break, we thought it would be fun to make a day of it and bring the girls as well.

When it was time for the appointment with the doctor, the girls and I waited in the waiting room instead of just going back to the exam room like we were supposed to do, so we almost missed the meeting. But I finally wondered where everyone was and managed to find them before it was completely finished.

There is still a movement afoot to shut down Dr. Rae, and Kara was concerned about her TPN as she is still heavily reliant upon it. The current fear is that his license will not be renewed later this year. He assured her that even if his license is not renewed, there are other doctors in the clinic who can keep her TPN coming. Prayers on the doctor's behalf are always welcome.

For lunch we picked up pizza and ate at a nearby park. The weather was great, although the ground was really muddy. Strangely enough, Alyssa asked to go for a walk on the footpath instead of playing on the equipment. This is probably due to a very large white dog that she saw on the walking trail that she wanted to meet up with. There was no hope of catching the dog and its people, but the walk was very nice.

For our afternoon together, I thought it would be fun to take the girls on the DART train. They like riding on the train, and for $2.25 total we could get an air-conditioned tour of Dallas.

I fear I may have been a bit deluded when I came up with this idea.

Due to some questionable accounting practices, Anna felt she had earned enough money to buy a new Barbie fairy. She had planned on making her purchase that afternoon.

I let her know that I did not believe she had earned enough, and that in any case I was not going to waste my afternoon shopping for toys. She spent much of the rest of the day sulking.

The train was fairly crowded until we got into downtown, so we had to stand for a while. This did not help matters at all. We finally were able to all sit together, and I thought it was fun to watch the city go by.

Alyssa was a little more well behaved, but she fell asleep before we were halfway through the ride. By the three-quarter mark, both girls were sleeping on me. Oh, well.

Kara finished at the clinic just in time for the freeways to go into afternoon rush hour stop mode, so we picked up dinner at Panda Express in order to wait it out. I think Alyssa is getting ready to grow - she is eating like a horse.

After dinner we went to Half Price Books. I've seen a couple of their store fronts, but I've never been inside one. The one we went to was HUGE! Imagine a Jelly's the size of a small Wal-Mart. Maybe not quite the same character as Jelly's, but very similar inventory.

I explained to the girls that this was an all-day kind of store, but we only had a half hour. It wasn't hard to find a couple of books for each of them.

We'll have to pay them a visit again sometime.

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