Monday, March 26, 2007


Q: Did you ever come up with a name for your dishwasher?
A: Yes. We have decided on Pawelu.

Q: Wow, that's not very flattering. Is it really that bad?
A. Well, the top rack comes off track about every fourth job, and the insulated front panel falls off once in every ten times it's run. Also, if the bottom rack is pulled out all the way when it's full, then the whole thing tips out (although this is really an installation issue). Mostly it's just annoying.

Q: OK, so if the dishwasher has that many problems, why not just replace it?
A: Because at the moment there is no room in the garage.

Q: I don't understand what the garage has to do with a dishwasher. Please explain.
A: Well, about six months ago I bought a range, microwave, and refrigerator. As of today, only the range is in the kitchen. The other two are still in the garage, trying to offgas enough so that they can come in. The only reason the range made it early is because it has a self-clean cycle that was run daily for several weeks, helping it offgas faster.

Q: That still seems like an awful lot to put up with from an appliance.
A: Oh, I don't really have to deal with it much. Emptying the dishwasher is Anna's job. Besides, if she's ever going to become a serious actor (and I'm delusional enough to think she might), then she will need to overcome plenty of trauma in her youth to give her depth of character.

To hear her squawk, Pawelu is providing that quite nicely.

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