Monday, March 12, 2007

Catch Up on the Run Down

Remember that comment from yesterday about having extra time today?

I lied.

I made out a schedule, and somehow I started the day nearly two hours behind. I'll blame it on Daylight Savings for now.

OK. The Weekend Roundup. Last Friday, I finally got to do the prints that I went all the way to Alabama to do - there were hardware issues before that. The computer and the printer were in different buildings, so I ran back and forth with the files on a little flash drive.

I pushed my departure for the airport until the last minute, so I could try and get done what I needed to. Due to a fuel leak with my plane, I could have pushed it a little further. We got out an hour late, but trimmed that to half an hour, so I was able to make my connection in Houston. Even more surprising, my luggage also made the connection.

Saturday was my birthday, and it got off to a good start. Kara made a breakfast pizza which went over very well. We got some work done, but not too much.

Anna had been invited to a birthday party sleepover. I told her my birthday party would be a sleepover, too, but she chose her little friend instead. Maybe if I'd rented a bounce house for my party...

Alyssa and I went shopping to spend some of my birthday money. I got a Ryobi rotary tool (like a Dremmel). I've been looking at them, but could never really justify the purchase. Then we had dinner and I roughed her up a bit. We used to play rough all the time, but Anna's so big that I'm afraid she'll hurt me again, so I don't even try unless it's just Alyssa.

We did my birthday celebration yesterday with a really good angel cake and strawberries, then danced before bedtime. It was fun.

And that's fifteen minutes worth of summary.

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