Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday Adventures

Well, we survived our adventurous Thursday with much less trauma than initially feared. Kara was able to get an appointment to have her PICC line replaced yesterday afternoon. It was one of those "we'll fit you in" kind of things.

I worked during the morning, and then left around 11:30 to go meet Kara in Dallas. Her visiting teacher Kristin agreed to watch the girls after school, so I wrote up a couple of notes and took them to the schools. I made the mistake of addressing Anna's note to her, and her teacher told her to put it in her folder and take it home to her parents. Fortunately I had let Anna know it was likely (but not certain) that Kristin would be picking her up, and Kristin found her before she got on the bus.

The hospital is across the street from the clinic, but since they are undergoing renovation parking is scarce, so I left the car at the clinic and drove Kara over in the truck. To help with the parking situation, they have free valet parking. That was pretty cool, except that I managed to lock the door as I was getting out. The valet was able to track us down, and Kara still had her keys, so a potential crisis turned into a non-event.

The hardest part of most doctor visits is waiting, and this one was no exception. The waiting rooms, like most of the world, were full of decor and occupants that Kara reacted to. The general admitting waiting room was especially bad, so we found some relief in the hallway. Once we made it to the Radiology room, she did a little better, probably because it was less crowded.

I was able to work for about an hour and a half while we waited, and once Kara got in the replacement went very smoothly. The PICC line enters her arm just above the elbow, and travels through a blood vessel up her arm and empties out right above her heart. The last time she had it replaced, there was some difficulty going around the corner at the shoulder, but this time the replacement went like a charm.

On the way back, I drove through a pretty strong thunderstorm. There were reports of traffic backed up all over the metroplex, but I was very fortunate to have only a few delays.

Looking back, there are so many points where yesterday could have turned into a disaster, but we were truly blessed that everything turned out as well as it did.

More rain and storms today, so let's hope and pray our good fortune continues.

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