Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What-a Wednesday

Here's the run-down:

I resolved what is hopefully the final issue with an old driver for a product release that has been over a year in the making. Working on this project has been a lot like smacking roaches - for every issue I fixed, it seemed there were two more to take its place. The biggest problem was a nebulous product spec that seemed to keep changing (although the customer insists it never did).

Mr. Reyes offered to pay cash for my truck. I don't know Mr. Reyes, but apparently he wants to take my truck to Mexico. He must just drive around looking for trucks. It was like email spam that came to my door. He was very persistent, too. I didn't ask how much, because the truck is the "safest" vehicle we have, so Kara uses it to go back and forth to Dallas. He finally left.

I got to drive the truck for an hour tonight. I got gas and returned a video. I also tried to go to the storage unit to get some stuff to fill the garage back up, but the storage unit keys didn't make the trip. They came off my keyring just before my last airplane trip. No sense in trying to take more metal through security than necessary, I thought. But thinking for myself caused me to waste an hour. It wouldn't have been so bad if I could have driven with the top down.

I finally got caught up on the laundry. I've found that the hot-and-cold weather of spring means that sweatshirts with jeans and t-shirts with shorts all get worn, and I can get away with doing the laundry less often. As long as nobody runs out of underwear.

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