Sunday, March 4, 2007

School Carnival and Trip Prep

This weekend was the big school carnival at Aledo High School. The girls had a great time. Here's Anna throwing a roll of toilet paper into a toilet. It was a lot of mayhem and smelly little toy prizes. We went out into the foyer once to give Alyssa the chance to "decompress." She's gets overwhelmed with crowds pretty fast. I don't blame her.

She wanted a cookie, but they didn't have cookies for sale at the concession booth. So she opted for on e of the big pickles. I cut her off a bite, which she chewed for about 5 seconds and then spit out like it was bee stinging her tongue. I kind of expected that. What surprised me was when she wanted a second bite. I gave it to her, and she had the same reaction.

I took a couple of bites, but I don't really like pickles. I was only eating it because I didn't want to waste it. Why do we do things like that. I quickly realized that I didn't care about the fifty cents the thing cost me, and in fact I would have gladly paid another fifty just so I wouldn't have to eat it. So away it went.

I'm working on getting ready for my trip to Alabama tomorrow. This means that I have made a list, but probably won't start packing until after the girls go to bed. I sat down to print out all of my confirmation emails, but got distracted by my blog.

See what you made me do?

By the way, I found my emails. It turns out that according to Prism, y'all are a bunch of spammers. That's why the pictures of Uncle Jay's birthday ended up with the emails about fake Rolexes.

Shame on you!

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