Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Delusional Workout

One of the few nice things about business trips is they give me the chance to do things I don’t normally get to do. Things like play my ukulele, get a full night’s sleep, and in tonight’s case, get a little exercise. That’s right, folks. I actually used the work-out clothes I brought with me this time.

Not only did I walk both down and up the stairs, (hey – I’m on the fifth floor, OK) but I managed to slog my way through a mile and a quarter on the treadmill. I’m pretty proud of myself. With an historical perspective, however, that was really pretty lame.

But it’s better than nothing.

Several years ago I did quite a bit of running. I ran 2-3 days a week, and did OK in a handful of 5k and 10k runs around the valley. I was even delusional enough to try training for a marathon. Don’t laugh! I made it as far as the 14 mile run before I hyper extended my schedule and had to quit.

But that was two years and twenty (!) pounds ago. I still consider myself a runner – I’m just waiting until I have time to start back up again. And don’t tell me I have to make the time. I’m just starting to make enough time to sleep close to eight hours at night. Without sleep, my motivation’s shot. And without motivation, well, you know.

But I’m trying to be good on this trip, especially with the things I eat. I even stopped at the grocery store this morning and picked up some produce for snacks. Hooray for me! I’m actually delusional enough to think that if I order a salad at every restaurant and eat carrots in the afternoon, I might loose weight before I go home. The rational side of me understands that the best I can hope for is to break even, though. But that’s better than the alternative.

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