Thursday, March 8, 2007

Casual Dining

I went to Chili's tonight for dinner. I knew they'd have a good salad (I chose the Grilled Chicken Caribbean) and some good people watching. Plus, I always like to pick up ideas I can use in my casual dining restaurant chain. The one I plan to open with the proceeds from my ten-book Young Adult Science Fiction series. Yeah, that one.

A couple of nights ago I picked up a Subway sandwich and ate it in my room, and last night I ate at the hotel next door. There were only four other people in the place, and that's counting the cook and the waitress.

So tonight I was feeling the need for people. Not people to sit at my table and expect me to interact - I get to do that at lunch with everyone from the office here. And not little people who need me to cut things and take them tee-tee three times during the meal. No, just people I could watch and enjoy while hanging out in my own little world. I don't get to do that very often, and every once in a while it's kind of nice.

That "once in a while" is just about done, though. As nice as its been to work hard all day and blog hard before a good night's sleep, I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow. I miss my family, and I'm told they miss me too.

Plus, I need to get home before Saturday. That's the anniversary of my 21st birthday!

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