Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm the Inspiration :-)

I got an email over the weekend from my longtime friend Nicole. She's been following my blog since the beginning, and has finally decided to cross over into the blogosphere herself. (Way to go, Nicole!)

A little background: I've known Nicole since Kahuku High (or was that Laie Elementary?) and her husband Princeton picked pineapples with me on Lanai. Princeton is currently deployed with the military overseas, and Nicole is holding down the fort at home.

I enjoyed reading Nicole's blog, and look forward to many more posts. While their situation is much different from ours, the significance of the challenge and the methods of coping seem to be very similar. Nicole is able to share her experiences in a refreshing "choosing to laugh instead of cry" style, and if you've managed to stick with my blog this far, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading hers.

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Nicole said...

Thanks Don. I actually associate you with the song "Susussudio" even though I wasn't personally at the show on Lanai where you performed that. But whenever I hear it I think of you.

I'm about to return the favor and link your blog to mine, so if a bunch of crazy scrapbookers start commenting, well, it's my fault.