Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Canoe-Paddling Polynesian Guys

We have finally hung a picture on the wall here in our house. The fact that this is a blog-worthy event eighteen months after moving in is, I admit, rather pathetic. But it is also very exciting. I finally feel like we are really moving in. Slowly but surely we're picking away at the projects that need to be done, and (for now) avoiding the temptation to take on any new ones.

This picture is called Hoe Kama Kani, which means "paddle with the wind." We found this picture at a home show in Honolulu while we were students, and I just fell in love with it. I stood there and stared at the picture for quite some time, but I simply couldn't justify the $140 price.

The salesman told us that they had a smaller print available for much less, but they had sold out at the show. We could look at it if we came by the studio the next week.

Unfortunately, the little 8x10 just didn't have the same effect as the full size print. So as you can see, we bit the bullet, got the big one, and have never felt even the tiniest bit of buyer's remorse.

Welcome home, canoe-paddling Polynesian guys. Welcome home.


Marsha Ward said...

It's lovely. I'm glad you bit the bullet.

Annette Lyon said...

I just celebrated planting the first shrubs in our front yard--and we've been in this house four years. No shame in things taking awhile. At least, that's what I keep telling myself!

Brynn Hl Allen said...

My step brother, James Fitt, painted Hoe Kama Kani. James passed away 9 years ago and his ashes were scattered at sea off of Lanikai. There is a nice exhibit of his Polo artwork at Equus Hotel in Waikiki. I have one of his prints of Hoe Kama Kani in my living room and I treasure it. I used to paddle in High School and James really captured the power in his painting. Mahalo for appreciating his work.
Me ke aloha pumehana,
Brynn H. Allen

James Manu said...

I also have this print and love it. Unfortunately, it was damaged in a move. Do you know how I can purchase another?

James Manu said...
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danno518 said...

I bought this same framed print in the late 80's when I was stationed in the military in Hawaii. My wife is from Micronesia and we were married in Hawaii and this was are first print in are living room and now 27 years later it is still with us and always will be. Over the years many people have enjoyed this print.

Unknown said...

aloha. I have a signed painting of the same. it also has a drawing of a outeigger canoe by his signature. i bought it in 1993 or so.