Friday, March 2, 2007

Christmas in March

Alyssa seems to be doing better, but I've decided to keep her home again today. She made it through the night without coughing, but she still managed to make it into my bed sometime. It's usually about an hour or so before the alarm goes off, so I just snuggle her until it's time to get up. (Alyssa snuggles are very therapeutic - just ask any of her aunties or grandmas.)

However, when I woke up stiff from laying in the same position for too long, I decided to check the time - 3:58. OK, that's enough snuggle therapy for one night. I got Alyssa back in her bed then dreamed of trying to get the girl's lunches ready in an office break room kitchen where someone had left a bunch of cheese fries on the stove burner. Fortunately, the alarm went off just as I started cleaning up the mess, so I didn't have to deal with it.

I have enough problems without having to clean up someone else's cheese fries.

I've decided to keep Alyssa home again today - her cough sounds better, but not quite good enough. Plus, there's some really nasty things going around school, and so even if my delusions are right and this is just allergies, she would be more susceptible to everything else that's out there.

Unfortunately, the DVD player has officially bitten the dust, so keeping her entertained will be a little more challenging. I got a lens cleaner at Wal-Mart yesterday, but it hasn't made any difference. I wish we could get the player repaired, but most places won't touch them. Their minimum diagnostic fee is like $60, and a new player can be had for less than $40.

In the meantime, I finally got the VCR hooked up. We replaced many of our videos with DVDs, and most of the tapes we still have are in the storage unit. The exception to that is our bin of holiday videos. That will have to do for now.

Have a Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas, everyone!

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