Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DST and the Golf Lobby

I have come across information that needs to be shared with America, and you will only hear this in the blogosphere. You can be darn sure this won't be reported by the mainstream media.

While I have known for a long time that Daylight Savings Time is not really about saving energy, I haven't fully understood the dynamics behind it until now. I had assumed, like many of you, that it was all about politics. Daylight Savings Time was a way for politicians to be able to claim they were helping with the energy situation in this country, while steering away from the difficult decisions that might really do something.

Now, everyone knows that it takes much more energy to get kids ready for school when it's dark outside. And don't even get me started on how much energy it takes to put them to bed while it's still light! No, any energy saved on the bottom half of the clock is quickly used up on the top half.

So clearly Daylight Savings Time is not about saving energy. And it is such an extreme nuisance that I couldn't quite believe it was done strictly for political posturing. And I was right. Today I learned what Daylight Savings Time is all about.


That's right. DST is the pet project of the ultra-powerful Golf Lobby. I have learned from my source, the very reliable lady across the street, that golf leagues throughout America have teed up early this year, thanks to the accelerated start of Daylight Savings Time. Well, maybe not in the golf leagues in the Northeast. But certainly here in Texas.

The Golf Lobby is powerful in this country, and has lawmakers from both parties
planted firmly in its cart. And seated right next to them is the club-swinging media.

Friends, this is a conspiracy that runs long and deep, with a wicked dogleg to keep the average person in the dark.

Until it's time to go to bed. Then the average person is kept in the light.

So whenever you drive past a golf course this summer, just remember that the extra hour of sunlight that's burning up your lawn was caused, in part, by those guys wearing the funny pants.

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