Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Serious Batch of Lemonade

I managed to make lemonade from some of life's lemons today. It has been very frustrating not to be able to use the kitchen cabinets, especially after all of the time we spent sealing them. But they don't work, and that's that.

So today I worked really hard and got most of them installed along the walls of the garage. I hung three cabinets on the wall, and put lower cabinets underneath them. There is now a lot of storage that I would have never paid for, but these were a sunk cost so I put them to use.

Another failed project was the purchase of formaldehyde-free MDF to use under the bar in the kitchen. This was before I fully understood terpenes, and it turns out that the glue is OK, but the wood fibers themselves are a problem. I had two 8 foot sheets of 3/4 inch board, which I fashioned into counter tops.

This was such a fun project! I was able to use all of my power tools - both drills, the circular saw, the jig saw, the router, and the shop vac. The only tool I didn't use was my new Ryobi rotary tool. It's still in the box. But now I don't feel so bad about opening it, because I have a place to put it.

While any claim that the garage is now organized would be wrong (and laughably so), I can without hesitation say that it is much less disorganized.
And I did it all myself!

There is the small issue of the toes on my right foot, however. It turns out that 3/4 inch MDF is quite heavy, and as I finished ripping one piece longways, both halves fell toward the middle and landed on my foot. The two littlest toes are now an amazing shade of purple. I'm pretty sure they aren't broken, though. And even if they are, my experience with broken toes is that doctors can't do anything but say "Yeah, that's broken. Bummer."

The day ended with Kara's famous St. Patrick's Day dinner. On the menu this year was Irish Stew, soda bread, coleslaw, and Green Goodness smoothie. Yum!

I think I'll go see if there's any more soda bread left.

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