Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little fun and a cause for concern

Yesterday during Anna's acting class, Alyssa and I began walking over to the Ft. Worth Science museum when I decided to try and walk through the back roads of the Will Rogers Memorial Center, as I thought it might be a bit shorter. The stock show is still in full swing, and I think by doing this we inadvertently bypassed the admissions gate. Oops.

While we were walking past the large livestock buildings, we saw a sign pointing to a free petting zoo, which Alyssa said she would like to visit. It had a bunch of pint-sized goats, (and a few half-pints) as well as ducks, chickens, and rabbits. Alyssa did great petting the animals, and I was glad I had brought the camera. If only I had checked the batteries first, I could show you some really cute pictures.

As we continued our hike to the museum, Kara called to tell me that a group of inspectors had been at her clinic in Dallas. They were there as part of an effort led by Aetna insurance company to have the clinic shut down. The clinic has apparently survived such efforts in the past, but if they are shut down, I'm not quite sure what Kara will do for treatment. She's still on IV nutrition exclusively, and has a number of antigen shots to keep her from reacting. These are both very important parts of her recovery, provided to her by Dr. Rae.

Now, the information that I have is long on emotion and short on facts, so I don't know who the inspectors are or exactly what they're looking for. One thing I do know is that Aetna was our insurance company for the last third of 2006. We are currently working on submitting insurance claims to Aetna for Kara's visits to the clinic that they're reportedly trying to shut down. If they are in fact trying to shut down the clinic, this would not be a good sign, especially since the claims are in the neighborhood of $20,000.

As we've prayed about this situation, neither one of us feel particularly anxious, so hopefully that means things will work out in the end. However, any prayers you might offer are always welcome, too.

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