Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The other day, as the girls and I were out looking for fossils and I found my umpteenth petrified sea urchin, I decided that our homestead needed a name. That name, of course, is Sea Urchin Ranch.

"Find your own fossils at Sea Urchin Ranch." It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

I doubt I could charge admission, and I don't really want a bunch of strangers traipsing through our back yard scaring the bunny and tearing up the, um, wildflowers. But friends and family are always welcome. There are plenty of fossils for everyone.

I've never been big on naming things that don't have a face. The one notable exception is Polu Manini, the little Ninja 250 I bought a few years ago to commute back and forth to work. That bike was a lot of fun, and she was really manini with the gas.

I could ride in the carpool lane, which I thought would be a great help. But the lane didn't go all the way to my exit. Traffic usually moved well until the carpool lane ended, and then everything jammed up. Plus I often had to drop kids off on my way to work and/or pick them up on the way home, so Polu Manini spent too much time in the garage.

I hope she is having more fun at her new home in Vegas.

I used to name my floppy disks, back when I used Macs that had a floppy drive. And I used to name all of my music mix tapes. I mix CDs for my kids, but they're all named "Fun Songs." I think we're up to Fun Songs 14 now.

Other than that, naming inanimate objects just hasn't been a high priority. Maybe I should get the girls to help me. I bet they'd have fun.

I think I'll have them start with the dishwasher.

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