Sunday, March 25, 2007

Family Movie Night Review - High School Musical

We finally left the Dark Ages and rented High School Musical (WARNING: this link plays music) for our family movie night on Friday. It was, um, musical.

This show was a Disney Channel Original movie that has managed to become popular beyond it's roots. The music was fun, the message was good, and the cast was easy on the eyes. Apparently that's what matters most to the target demographics for Disney Channel Original shows.

There are a few bits of the story that resemble reality, but true to Disney Channel form, most of the situations are not remotely believable. I suppose that's appropriate, however, for a show where entire groups of people sing and dance instead of speak. This is a musical, after all.

My favorite song was where the entire student body sings about keeping the status quo, which they are doing because they don't think the basketball team captain should be singing in a musical. Oh, the irony!

In all, it was a pleasant show, good for the family. Just don't expect too much reality from story.

I did buy the soundtrack, however. For Anna, of course.

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