Sunday, May 6, 2007

100 Postings of Delusion

When I submitted my first blog posting 120 days ago, I had no idea just where this whole thing would go. I had simultaneous visions of awards, acclaim and thousands of readers, and the whole thing fizzling out after three posts.

he results have been somewhere in the middle, as they usually are. While I haven't posted every day, I think I've done a pretty good job at highlighting the important aspects of our lives as well as putting out some general thoughts and musing.

This marks the 100th posting to the Fifteen Minutes of Delusion blog, and to celebrate I'm going to take a cue from self-important sitcoms and issue a retrospective. I've picked 10 posts that have some significance in the evolution of this blog, and present them for you now in the order in which they were written.

1. The Hazards of Being Fast. After reading this blog posting, Anna was extremely angry with me, meaning this is the first posting with any controversy.

2. Sometimes the Solution is Hard Liquor. This post has had quite a few hits. And it has come in handy for quite a few people, which is one of the many reasons I started writing in the first place.

3. Vangelis, Hisaishi-san, and Ala Moana. I worked very hard on taking a very abstract idea and putting it into readable form. It was a good exercise for me, if nothing else.

4. Moonlighting as a Travel Writer. I got quite a few comments on this post, although most of them were verbal. I think anyone who has ever taken a trip can identify with this one.

5. Dallas Day Trip. The reason we're here in Texas is so Kara can get well and we can be together as a family. This post describes one of the little payoffs in this adventure.

6. Remembering an Old Friend. Many people were caught off guard by the sudden and unexpected passing of Carlene Okimoto Mossman. I was very touched by the number of people who found their way to my blog by searching for information about this great woman.

7. Return of the Crunch. I have as yet to earn any money from my blog, but by writing about my activities in this blog I got an idea that saved me quite a bit.

8. Al Qaeda Children's Cartoon. This was just a little joke I thought up, but it got quite a reception.

9. A Texas Tradition. I've been working very hard trying to help my girls appreciate Texas, and pictures in the wildflowers goes along way towards that end.

10. Anna's Tuesday Adventures. Anna worked very hard at her acting class, and that hard work really showed during the performance. I was very proud of her.

Of course, there are ninety other posts that didn't make this list. If you have a favorite that isn't listed here, let the world know by posting it in a comment!

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