Friday, May 18, 2007

You Look Like a Spitter

It was field day for the Aledo ISD elementary schools. This is where all of the elementary school kids from the three schools in the district (two grades at a time) all gathered at the middle school field and played.

Second and third graders came in the morning. I found my way over there to see Alyssa. She was having a great time with Mrs Yates, who helps her most of the day at school. I stayed to watch her play a quick round of Yard Golf.

She golfs like her dad. "I'm going to hit this ball as many times as I can."

The bigger kids took the field in the afternoon. Here's Anna with her teacher, Mrs Riley.

I didn't just go to field day to take pictures of my kids, though. I went to help out.

A note came home on Wednesday, begging for volunteers for the afternoon shift. I'd worked some long hours earlier in the week, so I decided I could take some time and help.

I was assigned to the Seed Spitting game.

I didn't tell Anna I was coming, and she was very surprised. She managed to send her seed 18 feet!

This wasn't the most popular of events, so I had to put my best sideshow caller routine together, and coral up some participants. I hope I don't get sued for calling non-spitters "chicken."

So, how do you like the bright orange shirt? A couple of years ago my company modified our logo, and the marketing department was giving away all of the trade show shirts with the old logo on them.

Amazingly enough, there were a lot of the orange shirts left.

This orange happens to also be the official color of the Aledo Independent School District. Which means that when I wear it, I'm no longer the solitary nut wearing bright orange.

I'm one of several hundred nuts wearing bright orange.

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