Thursday, May 24, 2007

Movie Review: Shrek the Third

Today was early out day for the girls, so I took the afternoon off and we went to see Shrek the Third. I present now a review from not one but three points of view. (How deluded is that?)

The Computer Graphics Geek in me loved this movie. Technically, it was amazing. The quality of the graphics was stunning, and the characters were more life-like than ever before. I remember being this impressed with the first Shrek movie, and again with the second. The effort Dreamworks puts in to improving the technology behind each new film is obvious, and in this they succeed completely.

This movie adventure also marked my first trip to a theater with digital projection, and the quality surpassed anything I have ever seen in my admittedly sheltered life. Now that I have experienced digital projection, I may never watch a movie on film again.

The Aspiring Writer in me was less impressed. The first Shrek had a great story to go along with the technology and humor. I felt the story in Shrek II was not quite as strong, but still pretty good. The story in Shrek the Third was downright weak in many places. It should have been much, much better.

Probably the most important review, though, comes from my Father of Young Children alter ego. Watching the movie with my Daddy Hat on, I thought it was really good. Not great, but worth the time, effort, and expense of taking the girls for an afternoon out.

In spite of the weak story, the show had plenty of entertainment value. Quite a few good laughs, exciting action, and nothing inappropriate (in my humble and deluded opinion) make this a worthwhile show.

I'm sure we'll add it to our DVD library this Christmas.

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