Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Anna's Tuesday Adventures

Anna's Tuesday started out the way it usually does - with a CD playing in her clock radio. For the last few days, it's been Elmo. I heard her moving around, and heard Elmo singing, and was concerned, because my alarm hadn't gone off yet, and I'm supposed to be up half an hour before the girls, so I can get breakfast and lunch ready.I checked my cell phone/alarm clock to see why that was.

The clock said 12:14 am.

By the time I got to the girl's room, Anna was halfway dressed, and had already been in the office to check her email. Alyssa was fortunately still asleep.

A quick look at the clock showed that alarm 2 had gotten turned on, and was still set to the default 12:00 am. Why does the alarm always default to 12:00 am? Why not 6:00 am? That would make more sense.

Anyway, I convinced Anna that it was NOT in fact time to get up, and she should go back to sleep. She informed me that the internet wasn't working, and could I please fix it.

No. At least, not until after breakfast.

But an alarm clock false alarm could not dampen Anna's May Day. It was recital day for her class at Casa Manana, and it was great. Her class performed Charlotte's Web, and Anna was cast in the role of Fern. She did an outstanding job - the whole group did.

There were five classes that put on short (10-15 minute) performances, and Anna's teacher, Miss Christi, had taught two of the classes. The other class was Pre-K and Kindergarten students, and I was very impressed at how well they did.

One of the students in that class is the sister of Alyssa's friend, Andrew. We saw Andrew and his family in the parking lot before the recital, and they were both very excited to see each other. Alyssa sat between Andrew and I through the whole thing.

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