Monday, January 29, 2007

The hazards of being fast

When Anna was about 21 months old, we were headed to the carnival at the Orem Summerfest. We had to park a few blocks away and walk. Anna was not interested in walking, though. She wanted to run. "I tast" she said, and ran at full speed down the sidewalk.

Yes, you're fast," we told her, "but you need to slow down."

"No! I tast!" And within seconds, we were picking her up off the sidewalk and cleaning off a couple of skinned knees.

This week, both of our girls were fast.

Last Thursday, Alyssa came home with something of a raspberry square in the middle of her forehead, right at the hairline. I asked her what happened, and she said. "Fell. P.E." Her teacher sent a note confirming the nature of her injury, with her usual dose of positive spin. "Her motor skills are just overflowing!!! In fact, she ran so fast today, she fell."

She's doing just fine - no sign of trauma other than the little abrasion on her forehead. Hopefully Anna will heal up just as quickly.

When Anna walked out the front door today, the school bus was already at the stop, and the last of the kids were getting on. It's about 500 feet from our door to the bus, so she decided to make a run for it. Even as the bus pulled away, she kept up the pace, but the heavy books in her backpack swung more wildly with every step until they finally pulled her off balance and she fell right in the middle of the street.

I ran down and gave her a hug, prepared to take her to take her back in the house, clean her up, and drive her to school. But through her tears she said "I think the bus stopped for me," and sure enough it had. I gave her a kiss and off she went again, this time with a bit more success.

I'm reminded of a quote I read this week. Jennifer Aniston said "Life's rough. Get a helmet."

It's hard when a child gets hurt, but I'm grateful that they both have the strength and ability to run. I have to remind myself that going too fast once in a while is just a part of life. We run, we fall, we get up. We heal, and we move on.

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