Saturday, May 12, 2007

Auditions and Call-backs

Contrary to popular belief, I have not decided to just rest on my laurels now that I have 100 posts in my blog. Quite the opposite, actually. This week has been among the busiest in a long time.

The irony is that with so much to write about, there is so little time to write.

One of the big things to happen this week was Anna's audition for a part in the Miracle Worker at the Artisan Center Theater. This is not the same theater where she had her class, and it is actually kind of far away - 30 miles or so.

But I came across the announcement for the audition, and I thought Anna would really enjoy it. If nothing else, the process of auditioning would be very good for her. I gave her the audition notice to read, and I expected her to be very excited and jump all over the opportunity. Instead, she was very unenthusiastic, which I didn't really understand.

I finally talked her in to auditioning. We went for the open auditions on Wednesday night, and nearly got washed away by a tremendous cloudburst. One bolt of lightning struck so close that Anna thought we had blown a tire.

There were several parts that Anna could have read, but she chose not to for one reason or another. While other kids were reading three and four times, she only read once - the scene with the blind girls in the school.

I was quite disappointed in her lack of enthusiasm, but tried to remind myself that this was for her, not for me. I figured that we would chalk this one up to experience.

However, I got a call on Thursday asking Anna to come for a callback Saturday morning. I talked to her a little bit more about the play, hoping to build up her excitement level a bit. Turns out she didn't really read the audition notice, so she had no idea what the play was really about. Once I read it to her, she was (almost) as excited as I had thought she would be.

She read two scenes for her callback, and then we left for a whirlwind Saturday of which I hope to post more later. I think she did pretty well, although there were quite a few other girls that also did well.

I think if they double up the roles (there are 17 total performances) then she has a pretty good shot. If not, she's got some experience that will help her at the next audition.

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