Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time for the Bus

It has been a goal of mine all school year to get Alyssa to the bus on time. She gets a special bus on a dedicated route, and it comes right to the end of our driveway. At 6:45 am.

This has not been easy.

However, during the last week or so, I have finally managed to have her ready for school and out in the driveway when the bus arrives. Now that there are 11 days left in the school year, we have it figured out.

Alyssa likes to run up and down our driveway, pick up the pill bugs and throw them into the grass. This is what she was doing this morning when I heard her bus coming, so I called to her to come. She came, with her hand on her crotch. "Tee-tee," she said.

Now, the bus ride is 45 minutes long (I'm told she sleeps both ways) and so there was no way I could put her on with a bladder that needed to clear. So I explained our situation to the bus driver and packed her into the house like a sack of potatoes.

We took care of the business at hand, but just as I was about to help her finish up, I heard the word that strikes fear into the heart of every parent in a hurry.


This kid has the best timing! But, as you can see by the picture, we finally got everything taken care of and sent Alyssa off to school for another exciting and educational day.


Nicole said...

Ick, 6:45?? Even without the urgent call of nature part, I'm already thinking you have quite an adventure every morning. Michelle's bus doesn't come till 7:55 and there are still days we worry we won't make it!

Don said...

The alarm sounds at 5:30, and the rest of the morning can be best described as a controlled crash.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the girls once school is out, but at least we'll get to sleep in a little!