Saturday, May 5, 2007

Open House False Alarm

The expected visitors to our house never materialized. The girl is in even worse shape than Kara at the moment, and was up sick all night and in no shape to drive the hour from Dallas. No matter, though. All of the work that we did was sorely needed. We even got the upper hand in the girls room, although it required a tremendous effort, and a significant number of tears were shed in the process.

The girls had their fair share of play time, though. They had a lot of fun making a "bubble" out of a fitted sheet. Anna would flip the sheet into the air to fill it like a parachute, then set it down on the ground. The resulting bubble lasted for a full minute or more, and was good for quite a few laughs.

Alyssa is actually under the bubble. Anna could also do it where both of them got underneath.

With today being Cinco de Mayo, I thought we should have a nice Mexican menu for dinner. After all, we have a special dinner for St. Patrick's Day, and Kara is always asking us what we want to eat.

Now granted, there's a lot more Irish blood in this house than Mexican, and Kara wasn't sure how well she liked the idea. But she soon came around.

The menu was a way north of the border interpretation, with Mexican Haystack filling stuffed into taco shells, with cornbread. On the slightly more authentic side (I think) we had a great cucumber jicama mango salad and guava nectar, which Alyssa loved and Anna didn't.

When it comes to eating, those two can be so different. It makes menu planning quite a challenge.

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