Thursday, October 9, 2008

Viva Routine! Viva Bedtime!

I've come up with a pretty good routine for my days. I have time to get the girls ready, exercise, eat, write, work all of my hours, and spend some time with the kids in the evening. It's great.

Except lately I've been having trouble with the getting up part. I'm sure it's mostly due to being back on antibiotics for the lyme and simply needing more rest, but it's also possibly the hard bed we're sleeping on.

Or maybe it's the strange dreams I've been having, like going through the Wal-Mart drive through self service checkout and not having any money to pay. Or the one where I was called to be the Executive Secretary and Barak Obama was the new Bishop. (I told you they were strange dreams.)

Anyway, I've tried to bump bedtime up by a half hour, but I'm meeting resistance from the troops. It doesn't help that they have found the long-lost Cosby Show season 2 and feel they have to watch three episodes a night.

I'm not sure of the whole point of this post. I get like this when I'm tired. But at least I found time in my routine to write it.

What did you dream about last night?


Josi said...

I'm not trying to sell you anything--and I don't sell it anyway--but one thing I noticed after starting Isagenix was that I wake up so much easier. I used to drag around for an hour or more, aching to go back to bed, but I can get right up now. I share this because maybe you can google vitamins or herbs or something that helps you wake up easier--it's something in that shake that's made a difference for me. Then again, you just might be working too dang hard :-) Also, I have a really hard time with antibiotics. I know lots of people that say they don't have any side effects, but they bottom out my mood and make me very sluggish and irritable--so I can totally see how that could be having an effect. Most people don't know that antibiotics lower your serotonin levels. Sheesh, I'm rambling. Sorry.

Don said...

Thanks for the advice, Josi. I'll have to look into my options and see what I can come up with.

And a rambling comment is perfectly acceptable for a rambling post.

Pink Ink said...

*Or the one where I was called to be the Executive Secretary and Barak Obama was the new Bishop.*

Oh, Don. I am laughing so hard over here! :-)

I have not been dreaming (in sleep) the last few weeks. Mmm, I wonder why?

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I'd stay up to watch the Cosby show too. As for dreams, I so rarely remember mine and I know I struggle to get up because I go to bed too late. (Actually, I don't go to bed too late, I just have to get up too early.) :) I still haven't figured out how to fit everything into a day.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Obama was the bishop? Have you double-checked those pills you're on?