Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Poor, Neglected Weblog

To read this thing, you would think that nothing is going on here in Willow Park, Texas. But that would not be entirely true. There are quite a few things happening. Unfortunately, they tend to involve financial challenges and swallowed pride and I just don't want to blog about them.

However, Halloween is coming, and that always provides some fun, blogable moments. We have our Spooky Dinner scheduled, and I think we'll do the ward's Trunk or Treat Thursday night. I'm not sure what we'll do on Halloween, but I don't really want to go out Trick or Treating. Anna has a 6th grade dance, and we've decided to let her go to that. I've suggested taking Alyssa to the mall in her costume. That should be fun and interesting and comfortable and free.

Speaking of Alyssa, we may be participating in a clinical study of Pentasomy X, which is the chromosome disorder that she has (5 X chromosomes instead of the traditional 2). It would be an all-expense-paid trip to the DC area, plus compensation for participating in the study. It would involve her getting an MRI done, and so lately we've been practicing the "statue game" to see if we can get her to hold perfectly still for 10 minutes. I think she'll be able to do it with a little work. She can be pretty still when she wants to, and being in an MRI machine would probably be intimidating enough that she would freeze right up.

OK, that's enough of a post to ease my conscience. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of Halloween and the other adventures of the weekend, like the Young Men's service project taking place in our back yard on Saturday. I can hardly wait.


Nicole said...

Alex had to have an MRI once - he was about 9 - and they gave him a sedative so that he would be still in the machine. I'm sure they'd do the same for Alyssa.

And you do know that you update your blog more frequently than most of my friends, right? Whenever YOU start feeling like a slacker I REALLY worry about my own blogging habits. :)

Pink Ink said...

Yes, Halloween is a very bloggable holiday, isn't it? Not that I have anything about it, yet. I'm thinking of what to write (there is lots to choose from, but not Halloween related).

Hope things look up for you soon. :-)

ali said...

First of all ... what's a Spooky Dinner?

I think the study would be cool. I tried to get my guys into a twin study at NIH in DC. A lot of my online twin friends do it and it's a cool family thing. They usually stay a few days extra and take in some fun family time with half the cost since they don't have to pay for flights etc. (Or at least, not all.)

I bet Alyssa will do just fine!

Happy Halloween! And I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having. Hang in there.

Serious Sam said...

I hate the taste of pride! It tastes worse than an oil spill on a garbage barge.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Don said...

Ali, a Spooky Dinner is just our Halloween-themed dinner. It started when our kids were very little, hence the name.

Click hear to read about last year's dinner.