Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seen and Heard Around Willow Park

I've come across this "Seen and Heard" format around, and thought I would try it out here. Let me know what you think.

Heard this morning -
Anna: "Dad, help! I'm stuck in Alyssa's shirt and I can't get out!"
(We need to pay better attention to hanging shirts on the correct rack.)

Heard the other night after I had a bad reaction to a plate accidentally falling and shattering on the floor -
Don: I'm sorry I yelled at you tonight.
Kara: Yeah, you just yelled at me for no reason.
Don: Well that's because you wouldn't be quiet and let me have my tantrum in peace.

Seen yesterday -
Alyssa "shopping" at Costco:

And yes, she's sound asleep like that.

Heard a while back -
Don talking in an over-the-top accent
Kara: Stop that - you're scaring the kids.
Don: When Bill Cosby talks like that, everybody laughs.
Kara: When Bill Cosby talks like that, it's funny.

Thank you for sharing this first "Seen and Heard" with us.

As for the three (3)! recent tags, I'm working on getting to them and will make time to do them soon.

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