Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Pizza, Mummy

Tonight we had a fusion of traditions. Every Halloween for nearly a decade, we've had a "Spooky Dinner" which is really just food with a Halloween theme. (Click here to see last year's dinner.)

For the last few months, we've also had a Friday Night Pizza tradition. Tonight we tried to fuse those ideas together into the Pizza Mummy!

It tasted good, anyway.

We had maybe a dozen Trick or Treaters come by tonight, and that might be a generous estimate. Kara took Alyssa around to a few neighbors while I took Anna to her dance/party/activity.

As soon as I got home from dropping Anna off, she called and told me the activity was lame and asked me to come and get her. She said she'd rather spend the evening with her family, and who am I to argue? That's probably not going to happen very often going forward, so I'll take it while I can.

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Dustin and Camila said...

Hehe, your scary dinner picture got a belly laugh from me. You guys missed the scary mark this year! Loved the brains from last year, great idea!