Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vacation Over

I must say, the two day medication vacation was very successful. I felt better during the last two days than I have for several weeks.

I suspect one reason the antibiotic was hitting me so hard this time around is because I was taking painkillers for an increasingly uncomfortable toothache. I'm not sure if there was any drug interaction, but I should be able to find out now. I made my way to the dentist yesterday, and he found a cracked filling that had allowed significant decay underneath.

My tooth feels much better today, so I should be able to forgo my daily Motrin routine. As I start back in on my antibiotic in just a few minutes, hopefully things will go a little more smoothly this time around.


Pink Ink said...

Ouch! Hope you get feeling better soon. Today, I'm taking my daughter to have braces put on. Ouch, in a different way (the wallet)! :-)

Josi said...

At least the dental stuff is over with--mouth pain in horrendous. I hope the antibiotics are an easier go as well this time around. Good luck.

Heather B. Moore said...

Not fun. I had something similar--not quite as severe, but even after I had it fixed, there were several days of pain.