Saturday, October 11, 2008

Free Dump Day

"Free" and "Dump" - two words that each represent compelling needs of our family. Together, they represent how I spent a chunk of my day.

Today was free dump day, so I spent the morning loading the van with broken tile and moldy counter tops and disintegrated cabinets from our remodel two years ago. This large pile of trash in the back yard represented two of my great failings, and it was good to finally get the big stuff taken out.

(The first great failing is just having a large pile of trash in the back yard. The trash was in the part of the yard that needs to be turned into our family vegetable garden - the other great failing.)

I wasn't able to get everything to the dump, but I got everything that was small enough to fit in the van and too big to go in the garbage can.

In theory, there's still time to do a fall/winter garden. I plan to recycle wood from the downed fence for raised beds. One problem we have, though, is that all of our water, including that from the hose bibs, is soft. Gardens tend to turn yellow and die with a steady diet of soft water, so we'll need to tap in to the water as it enters the house and create a non-soft water source.

What about you: What great failing of yours got resolved today?


Liz said...

Maybe not as backbreaking as your day but,

The other day I got do the tag! (Is that how I explain it in blog world? "do the tag"??) Also, today, I made time to play with my niece. Fun.

Josi said...

so five years ago we sold/lost/ran away from a business and allllllll the files came home with us. We had to keep everything for five years. it went out in the barn, in nicely stacked boxes. however, five years plus four kids, two goats, two dogs, a couple flooding incidents and 16 billion box elder bugs made a mess of our perfect little piles. A horrible mess in where we were routinely cleaning up papers that had leaked out of the barn. Last week I saw a sign for a free shred at a local credit union, so Saturday morning we loaded up the truck and took it alllll down there. I can't tell you the high I felt getting rid of all that stuff. It was a big failing that we finally got to see go away for good. A very very good day for both of us! We then came home and since we were on a roll cleaned out the barn. I almost want to go out there now, well, not really.

Pink Ink said...

I helped my mom file all the bills in an organized fashion. I think she gained another decade of life after we were done.