Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat, 2008

We've never done Trunk or Treat before, and it actually worked out pretty well. This is an old concept, but for those who aren't familiar, here's the scoop: A group of people (in this case it was for church) get together and park in a parking lot. People decorate their trunks, and the kids get to do Trick or Treating in a controlled and compact environment.

Kind of like speed dating with an intense sugar rush.

Anyway, here are our Trunk or Treaters.

I got out the wig I wore years ago to dress up as Kenny G. The consensus this year is that I was Weird Al. I can go for that.

We met at the parking lot by the little Youth Activity Center.

Here are the lame decorations that we came up with at the last minute for our trunk. Actually, the ghosts are pretty cool - Anna did these - and simple decorations are better than nothing, I guess. There were some dang elaborate setups, though.

There were a lot of kids, and for a while we thought we would run out of candy. But we came out OK.

I think we'll not do Trick or Treating tomorrow night. One night is enough.


Liz said...

don, we did our trunk or treat last night. such a success! the kids loved it and so did we! about your decorations: they look awesome! i loved to see the creativity of the families and kids. happy halloween!

Elizabeth said...

Trunk or Treating is so fun! It makes it so that we pick a couple of favorite haunts on Halloween to visit, rather than having to go street after street Trick or Treating. But I've never heard of decorating the "trunk". How fun! I'll have to try that next year, evidently here in my part of Utah we don't know how to Trunk or Treat. I enjoy your blog. Your "girls" (all 3 of them) are very lucky to have you. Had a fun lunch with Karra yesterday. She tolerated a day with my 3 year old at the park. I too, had a Hawaii experience this year that didn't materialize. I feel your pain...