Thursday, October 9, 2008


I took Alyssa to the oral surgeon today to have her tooth extracted - the one that lost the crown over a month ago. It's been a long haul getting to this point.

Anyway, when we were visiting the oral surgeon last week, I made sure that I could come back with Alyssa while they did the procedure. They said they usually don't have family back, but if needed I could. I assured them that Alyssa would do much better if I was there.

So when we arrived at the oral surgeon today, I was surprised when Alyssa told me she wanted me to wait in the waiting room for her. "Are you sure?" I asked, a dozen times and as many different ways.

Each time, she assured me that she was sure; I was to wait in the waiting room.

So they came and got her, and I told them if there were any problems to come and get me, then I proceeded to wait on pins and needles. My fist thought was that I should have taken my writing to work on. My second thought was that I was far too strung out with worry to do any meaningful writing. So I read about vanadium redox batteries and waited.

I fully expected Alyssa to change her mind and have one of the "dentist's friends" come and get me, and it wasn't too long before I was summoned from the waiting room. But not because Alyssa was having problems. Because she was done.

So now we're changing gauze and giving Motirn and in all, she's doing pretty well.

The tooth fairy needs to go dig around in the couch cushions now.


ali said...

I think the tooth fairy might need to come up with some CASH for that one ... not sure some couch change is going to cut it!

What a brave girl! Good for her!

And what a sweet daddy you are for being worrired for her.

Glad it went okay!

Josi said...

Yeah, cash and a shake! But what a brave girl, I'm glad you BOTH survived it. :-)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm glad it went so well! For both of you. Maybe they should have knocked you out for that wait.

Queen of Chaos said...

Good girl! That's impressive. :)

I have always thought you were a great dad, Jonly. Again, here it shows you really are. :)