Monday, October 27, 2008

This and That

My blog is being a little neglected lately. It happens. Here are a few little random snippets to bring you up to date.

  • This weekend, I finally, finally, FINALLY got all of our stuff out of storage units and into the house. Our spare bedroom is now full of boxes, and I have a large lineup of things in the garage that need to find their way into the attic. I am ready for a grand purge and to become a student of minimalism.
  • This is Red Ribbon week at Alyssa's school, and today is Pajama Day. She wanted to wear her Spider Man pajamas, of course. Fortunately, these jammies are a good choice for school.
  • This morning, as I was getting Alyssa ready for school, I kept freaking out every time I saw her because it was almost time for the bus and she was still in her pajamas!
  • We got some nice cold air last night - dropped down into the thirties. Highs for the next few days should be in the sixties. It's fall in Texas, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Today is our family Lyme Doctor trip. I've got some new aches and pains I need to ask about. Hopefully it's nothing.
And that's a little snapshot to keep you up to date.

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