Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tag #4 - Seven Random Things About Me

My sister Noreen tagged me for this one - I guess it was paybacks for the two times I tagged her.
  1. We don't have cable or satellite, and our antenna was destroyed in a hail storm. We don't get broadcast television in our house, although with streaming internet video, we really don't feel we've lost out. And lets hear it for no campaign commercials. Woo hoo!
  2. As a missionary, I had a lot of fun making and sending out "rattlesnake teeth" to unsuspecting friends. This is a contraption made with two paper clips and a rubber band and carefully stuffed in an envelope. The envelope is labeled, and when the recipient opens it, the rubber band unwinds, causing the smaller paper clip to strike the envelope repeatedly, making a rattling sound. Good fun.
  3. I own more pairs of shorts than pants, and even though it's October and my family in Utah has had their first snow of the season, I still wear shorts every day here in Texas.
  4. I once designed our vegetable garden to look like an airport. Unfortunately, the Brandywine Municipal Airport garden never got beyond the design phase.
  5. I drink a "green" smoothie every day made with spinach, strawberries, and bananas. It's not bad. I don't know if it helps or not, but it's part of my routine.
  6. I love Google Reader. I'm currently following 103 blogs. I've learned that some people are very busy, and some people have way too much time on their hands.
  7. As a family, we just finished watching the original Star Wars trilogy last night. This was Anna's family movie night choice.

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