Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sleeplessness and Superheroes

OK. I'm not doing so well with my nap.

After the adrenalin rush of getting the girls off to school, I needed a minute to wind down. So I did a little bit of blog surfing (other people's blogs put me to sleep - just kidding) and I came across this little gem.

The SciFi Channel is running a series called "Who Wants to Be A Superhero," and one of the three finalists is a girl I went to High School with.

Melody Mooney is Hygena.

I'm afraid I haven't actually seen the show, being one of those cheap people who still relies on broadcast television for their TV fix. (Actually, the antenna blew down in a storm three weeks ago and I haven't put it back up because nobody really watches TV around here anymore.)

But from what I remember about Mel, this is right up her alley. If you have access to the SciFi Channel, check it out. You can read about Hygena here and here. And other places too, I'm sure.

Go, Hygena!@

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Nicole said...

Wow. How strange is that. Thanks for sharing!