Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Boys Are Back In Town

BIAM Challenge - Day 3
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Way back this time last year (was it only a year ago!?!) we had two or three people helping us with the initial remodel of the house - putting in tile, painting, trying to make the cabinets work. Alyssa was always excited about the "boys" working at our house. She loved to watch them do their thing.

It's been a while, but today there are more "boys" here. A kind benefactor is paying to have our flexible plastic duct work replaced with the hard metal kind, in the hopes of improving the indoor air quality. The ducts that were there previously were sending some pretty bad insulation smells into the house, and it was determined that this is a problem.

Alyssa was excited when she got off the bus and saw the work trucks. Unfortunately, the four "boys" are all up clomping around in the attic, so she hasn't been able to watch them work.

We hear them, though. Loud and clear.


Josi said...

Nice people are ...nice. thank goodness for benefactors, we all need them from time to time :-) Good luck, I hope it helps.

Don said...

Thanks, Josi. We've had quite a few people help recently, and I don't know where we'd be without them.