Sunday, September 30, 2007

Embracing the Delusion - Post 200

In years past, I missed out on many opportunities because of fear. I feared that what I thought was confidence and competence would actually be revealed as nothing more than delusion, and this fear kept me from action.

Lately, however, I have decided to embrace my delusion in much the same way popular culture has chosen to embrace the inner geek. This decision has been quite liberating, because by proudly declaring my delusion, the worst I risk is the possible discovery that I am actually confident and competent.

It is this mind set that has allowed me to admit publicly that I fancy myself an aspiring writer, and participate in a public writing challenge. This same mind set is now allowing me to start a separate blog about my writing.

And so it is that this 200th entry on Fifteen Minutes of Delusion is dedicated to introducing 90,000 Words of Delusion. The purpose of the new blog is to allow me to continue making regular reports and comments on the things I learn while writing, without cluttering up this blog about the life of me and mine.

Share and enjoy.

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