Friday, September 7, 2007

I've Done It Now - the Ultimate Delusion

As if I don't already have enough to do.

I've mentioned a few times a creative writing project that I've been working on - sometimes referred to as The Ultimate Delusion. It's a story that has been swirling around in my head for the last six years or so, yet my situation has prevented me from making any real progress on it.

A challenge issued by author and blogger Tristi Pinkston was brought to my attention this morning. It's called the BIAM Challenge, and the idea is to set aside time and write a book in a month, beginning next Monday. Not a complete, polished, publishable masterpiece, but a quick rough draft. My guess is writing a book in a month this way would only take five or six hours a day.

Yeah, right.

I've accepted the challenge, although on a somewhat modified scale. My goal is to come up with a SUMMARY of a book in a month. Sort of a SIAM Challenge. (Hmm. Maybe I should shave my head again... Nah.)

Anyway, I have committed to 30 minutes a day, which I will now have to steal from somewhere.

For starters, this blog will now be Ten Minutes of Delusion, and five of those minutes will probably be about me writing my summary.

Now, where to get 25 more minutes?

If only I played golf and watched TV, I could give those up for extra time.

Oh, well. I'll think of something.

The working title of this deluded little writing exercise is Sunrise at the Point, as depicted in the following picture. Which should count as a thousand words, right?


Tristi Pinkston said...

Hi Don,

I'm just popping in to say hi and wish you luck on our first day of the BIAM -- and I find myself in awe at all you're going through right now. How blessed your wife and children are to have you.

Don said...

Thanks for the kind words. They really do help.

And thanks for the incentive to write. Writing is one of my little stress-relieving hobbies, but I don't get to do it as much as I would like.