Sunday, September 2, 2007

All for a Lamp

I found a reading lamp I thought Anna would like. I had a bedside reading lamp as a kid, and I'm sure it's at least partly responsible for my overwhelming intelligence. (Nyuk nyuk nyuk).

I found the lamp while I was at Ikea in Salt Lake, and decided to get it for her birthday. However, I felt it was just a bit too bulky to fit in my already overcrowded luggage, and there were some shelves I wanted as well that would certainly not fit, so I decided to wait and get these things in the Dallas-area Ikea.

Perhaps it is because I went on a Saturday. Perhaps it is because there are four times as many people in Dallas who all have to share the one Ikea store. But whatever the reason, the place was a real zoo. Absolutely nothing like the peaceful, contemplative shopping experience of last week. And all of this was compounded by the 70 minute drive that turned into 90 minutes due to road construction.

The food line was so long that I abandoned my fantasy of Swedish meatballs for lunch, and opted for some lemon cookies and a chocolate bar. (I'll blog about my yo-yo diet later.)

I did manage to get the things I wanted, plus a few. But then, isn't that always how these things go.

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