Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Big One-Oh

Today Anna hit the big One-Oh. Happy Birthday!

This is the first of three "oh" birthdays scheduled for the next year, with the other two being a couple of Four-Ohs.

Oh, no!

Today is going to be a very busy day, what with school and a library trip (everything is DUE TODAY) and Activity Days, and Kara is usually gone on Tuesdays, so we did the presents thing yesterday.

Since there would be no presents this morning, I wanted to do something special for Anna, and I had the idea to put Happy Birthday on a CD and have it be her wake-up song. iTunes presented me with a few options, and I finally decided on the SHOCKY Happy Birthday CD. It plays the birthday song in a dozen different styles.

I had considered this Jingle Cats CD, which plays a bunch of different songs using synthesized cat meows. The girls both like cats, after all.

By the time the 30 second sample was done playing, I wanted to kick the computer and set my hair on fire

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