Sunday, April 1, 2007

Writing About Dogs and Cats

This weekend was General Conference, and I thought we would be able to watch it with streaming video. So I brought my computer out to the living room and hooked it up to the TV. We were able to watch BYU's feed for about half an hour before it hung. KSL's feed made you start at the beginning, which I wasn't really interested in doing. So I just loaded the audio feed and let it run through the Windows Media Player.

I hate to admit this, but I enjoyed watching conference this way. The audio came through just great, and the swirling colors of the "visualization" was more interesting to look at than a person standing at a podium.

With the computer in the living room, writing today's blog is more of a family affair. I asked the girls what to write about. Alyssa said "doggie," which I can only assume is a reference to a dog we saw today (at a distance) while we went for a walk between sessions. After two nearly solid days of rain, we have now had two absolutely gorgeous days for the weekend. There was no way we could not go for a walk.

Anna suggested that I write about Tommy going into Kara's room. Tommy is a cat that lives across the street and down about three houses. The whole neighborhood is apparently his territory. He makes himself at home in the garage whenever he can, and would be all over in the house if we let him. This morning Kara's window was open and Tommy went in. Anna was able to coax him out, but couldn't get the window shut.

When I happened onto the scene, Tommy was wandering around the back yard. Anna was standing in front of Kara's window telling Tommy to shoo. Alyssa was standing on the patio (in her underwear) trying to get Tommy to come. Tommy, being a good cat, ignored them both completely.

Some other tidbits from the weekend:

I accidentally bought seeded grapes at Costco. How spoiled seedless grapes have made us.

Alyssa found a pillbug and put it in a jar. She got a bowl of water and gave it a bath. I'm not joking.

I found Easter dresses for both girls at Kohl's yesterday. This time Alyssa's was easy (first one we tried.) Anna has decided that she is now a young lady of fashion and tried on every dress that was her size. The one she liked best was the least modest, but by replacing the tank top it came with we were able to reach an acceptable compromise.

Photos will follow, once we get the dresses washed up enough for a fashion show.

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Nicole said...

I also ended up listening to conference instead of watching it. I did get to see Elder Faust with his headset mic, that was pretty cool.

I'm so glad we have the option of listening to conference on the internet though, it has been a struggle all these years (especially when the kids were little) to even make it through one session of each conference. Now that I'm online and the kids can come and go (the 6 year old, anyway) I get to enjoy all four sessions.