Sunday, April 15, 2007

Greetings from Atlanta

Well, I made it safe and sound. I should be sleeping, but I couldn't keep you in suspense about my trip any longer.

I made it to DFW in 45 minutes, which is some kind of a record. I was even holding back, going with the main flow and getting passed quite a bit.

I didn't know which of the three American terminals my flight left from, but I guessed C.

It was A. So I got to ride the train. I got off at the stop for gate A11. That's what I thought I read on the monitor.

It was A37. But that's OK. a little walk would be good for me. I got to my gate, and realized that I was pretty close to where I came into terminal C. So when I get home, I'll skip the train.

The flight was uneventful, and I was able to get a car without too much trouble. I did my best to jump out of the little shuttle and be first in line. I didn't push anybody, don't worry. That lady would have fallen on her own, I'm sure. (Just kidding).

I signed up for a compact car. They gave me a Charger. That's what the police in Willow Park drive. I wanted to be impressed, but so far it's just like most other rental cars. I haven't had much need to punch it. Maybe if I do, then I can be impressed.

It only had 5 miles on it. Maybe it still needs to be broken in.

After about 10 minutes of squirreling around down by the airport, trying to get on the right road going the right way, it was just open road between me and my hotel.

It's very beautiful here. Large black shadows of trees against a dark gray sky. I can't wait to see it in the daytime.

One thing the car does have that I've never experienced before is satellite radio. I never knew there was so much music out there that I have never heard. I punched scan and let the radio look for something I might like to listen to. I recognized three songs, none that I was really interested in. I finally stopped on Channel 75. It was Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon. It was the best I could find.

200 channels, and still nothing to listen to.

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