Thursday, April 19, 2007

Atlanta Trip Follow-up

Yes, the trees are beautiful. It was quite green. Texas is green right now, too, but the trees aren't nearly as tall.

I had a chance to punch the Charger. It jumped about the same as our Honda. I found a document in the car that says it has the 3.5L V6. I'm guessing the 6.1L Hemi V8 has a little more power.

I found Andy Griffith doing his football routine on the Sirius Blue Collar Comedy channel. It was funny, but then the next guy's routine got a little TOO blue. So I switched to Laugh Break, which was a little more friendly to my tender sensitivities.

I only had one salad on this trip, but I worked out twice on the elliptical, and I only ate at mealtimes. I think I actually made progress this time around.

I couldn't skip the train when I got back, because I landed at terminal E, not A or C.

I get to do it all again in a couple of weeks. But this time I'll get to have dinner with my old buddy Joe, who is now a pilot and scheduled to be in Atlanta at the same time I am. And I'm sure it will be even more memorable than my dinner with Tyronn.

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