Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spared by the Big Storms

Yesterday we had some weather. They kept talking about it all day - first it would get here at 9:00 am, then at 3:00 pm, and then and 8:00 pm.

It hit about 5:30.

I had just dropped Anna off at a friend's house for a sleepover, and taken Alyssa to Kara's Visiting Teacher's house to play (they have a baby - what more would Alyssa need?) and I got home just a little before the rain hit. Kara got home a little after.

The weatherman said there could be winds up to 70 mph and golf-ball sized hail. All we had were a few episodes of near-horizontal rain. It was enough to provide some entertaining weather watching without the annoying and costly cleanup that can sometimes follow. There are places nearby that got tornadoes and hail, but not us.

As a side note, the fan that is at the heart of The Stinky Sucky Office Project did not let in any rain, even though it was rolling down the window in sheets. This was really nice.

Today is another full Saturday, and yet I sit here typing. But it's OK, because "Write Blog" is on my to do list!

I leave for Atlanta tomorrow night. I'll be there for the first half of the week at one company, and possibly the second half at another company. My guess, though, is that the trip to the second company will take place some other time. This is OK, though, because two short trips would be easier for Kara than one long trip. Plus, on the airplane I am able to work on one of my most delusional projects, so the more flight time, the better.

I'll talk about that later.

For today, my list is:

Grocery shopping
Put checks in the mail
Change the air filter in the furnace
Replace the laundry room light with an exhaust fan
Make a packing list
Spray Vodka on the couch
Put nail stops in the window frames
Update the playlist on Kara's iPod
Write blog (check)

That should keep me busy for a while. Stay tuned for the report.

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