Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too much stuff!

I took the day off from work yesterday. We still have three (ouch) storage units, and I needed to get moved out of one of them before we had to pay rent on it again. Actually, I need to get moved out of all of them, as they're eating us alive. The units are all inside a climate-controlled building, which we did for the sake of the pianos. And since we were only going to be in them for a couple of months, I figured we'd just put all our stuff in the same place, for convenience.

I was so deluded back then. I thought that the stuff that we had in the house in Utah would work OK here. But now that we're in our new house, I'm starting to understand that this was faulty logic. We really,
really, really should have sold everything and started over from scratch. At least with the furniture, which is what we're going to end up doing, anyway, I'm afraid.

Before leaving, I caught up on a few chores left over from Monday, then I programmed our garage door opener to accept one of the new remotes we got when we moved in. We've been in the house six months now, and I've always just used the little keypad remote on the side of the garage door. But the forecast was for some serious precipitation in the afternoon, and I thought a remote would be a good idea.

So I packed up a lunch and headed out to the storage unit. When I
got there, I did a quick survey of the setup and decided how best to proceed. After a couple of hours I had made some really good progress. I had managed to move half our stuff into the hallway, hoping that nobody would come by to try and get into an adjoining unit.

I got to a point where I couldn't figure out what to do next, and realized that this was a symptom of lunchtime. So I sat down in the La-z-boy (I miss the La-z-boy) and ate my lunch. Then I thought I might recline the chair and rest my eyes, just for a minute or two.

It's a good thing I had the foresight to set an alarm on my phone. When that thing went off, I had no idea who I was or where I was or what I was doing. Talk about a power nap! But it did the trick.

I didn't completely get the unit cleared out before I needed to leave, but I came pretty darn close. I should be able to finish up by the end of the week And I'm optimistic that with a little bit of ebay action and a yard sale, we can get down to one unit in the next couple of months.

The drive home was a bit interesting. By the time I finished my work and began loading some boxes in the car to bring home, the promised storms had arrived. I watched out the large overhead door at the end of the building as the rain came down in sheets and the water ran down the driveway in a river three feet wide. I thought that maybe I might want to wait a little for the rain let up, but then the power went off for a few seconds and I realized that if I didn't leave soon and the power went off while the doors were down I could be stuck in the building for a while.

So I drove home in white-knuckle rain so heavy the wipers couldn't keep up, and the radio reported a tornado warning for just a couple of miles behind me. Yowza. But I made it home OK, and got the car unloaded enough to take Anna to her acting class.

After the class, I took the girls to the mall, where Anna had found a store that had a Webkinz. Not the one she wanted, but a white Persian cat, which was acceptable. She likes cats, and this one was (just) in her price range.

Her name is Cecilia.

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