Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Need to Iron Socks After All

I decided to try traveling light on this trip. I've had enough of big suitcases and baggage claims, so I only packed enough clothes for two days. This would ensure that I had the chance to wash one set of clothes in my hotel room sink, just to make sure I could.

I learned how to do this at a combined Priest and Laurel activity some twenty-odd years ago. The Priests were there to learn how to do basic missionary things like sew on buttons and wash clothes in the sink (in case of a no-clean-white-shirt emergency). The Laurels were there to help show the Priests how these things were to be done. However, most of the girls looked as lost as the boys when the leaders did their little demonstrations.

At this exercise, I learned how to lay a piece of wet clothing in a towel and then twist it until the towel was doubled up into a ball, squeezing out a surprising amount of water. This is easier to do with a partner, but can be managed alone if you stand on one end of the towel and weigh more than a Priest. Which now I do.

You can then iron the clothes to get rid of both the wrinkles and the rest of the water. Or you can just let them hang to dry, which is what I chose to do last night. However, this morning my socks were still quite wet, and I was afraid that I would have to iron them before wearing them tomorrow.

Fortunately, the water left on its own and I have avoided once again becoming the sort of person who has actually ironed socks.

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