Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Four Seasons of Texas

As the saying goes, there are four seasons in Texas: December, January, February, and Summer.

February was a long time ago, and Summer is well underway here. The electronic sign at Casa Manana said 91 today. The one across the street said 93. In any case, it was hot. Tomorrow should be much cooler, thank goodness.

Hot, wet summer days have a tendency to create thunderstorms. I managed to catch this picture tonight. We didn't get anything from this storm but a light show. Some places got baseball-sized hail.

In totally unrelated news, our Toy Story DVD is going away.

Don't get me wrong - I like Buzz, Woody and the guys. Just not every day, like Alyssa does. She rediscovered this video sometime in March, and has watched it constantly ever since. Actually, she hasn't watched it. She just keeps jumping from one chapter to the another. Our Toy Story DVD is going away.

I told her tonight that I was going to put it away for a while, and she was OK with that, which surprised me. But it's just like how we got rid of her bottles. We could not get her to stop drinking bottles. We kept asking if we could get rid of them, and she would pitch a fit. So we waited.

Then one night in December we asked if we could give her bottles to Santa so he could feed the baby reindeer. (We were always saying silly things like this.) To our surprise, she agreed. So Christmas morning, when she asked for her bottle, we reminded her that Santa had taken them. She let out a disappointed "Ohhh" and that was it.

That was years ago, but if you were to ask her tomorrow where her bottles are, she will tell you who has them. Santa.

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