Thursday, April 5, 2007

So far, so good

Day one of The Stinky Sucky Office Project appears to be a success. There is negative pressure in the office (air pressure, not work pressure - that's still very much positive) and the hallway outside the office door doesn't smell so much like the office. Hooray!

Our insurance changed last September because of our move, and the doctor's office still had the old information on all of the forms, so I couldn't submit them. This is significant, as we pay for Kara's treatment up front, and then get reimbursements from the insurance company. I finally got updated paperwork (300 or so pages) and submitted the first batch, after saying a big prayer over it. Now we wait to see if they will pay without putting up a fight.

We're busy trying to figure out our summer schedule, and it ain't easy. I want to spend a few weeks in Utah so I can see family and spend time in the office. While I'm there, I'd like to bring the girls with me and have them split their time between Utah and Washington. The trick will be being gone for long enough that Kara gets a break, but not so long that it's a burden for her.

And then there's trying to figure out when that trip is going to be. Anna has had so much fun at her acting class that I would like to send her to Camp Casa this summer. It's three full weeks in June and July, but I don't dare sign her up until I know just what the insurance companies are going to do with our claims. Alyssa also has six 30-minute sessions with the speech therapist at school this summer, but I don't yet know just how we'll be scheduling that.

I'm starting to get the feeling that we need to pick a date, probably late July, and just start planning around it. I know there's something that happens the end of July in Utah that might be fun, if I could just remember what...

I bought something else with my birthday money the other day, with a little encouragement from Anna. I've been interested in the Animusic DVDs, having seen some of the videos on PBS and at home shows. Anna's music teacher at school has them, and showed them to the class. I think they're pretty neat; like a cross between Fantasia, Vangelis, and Tron. I've always had an interest in electronic music and computer animation, and I've recently become fascinated with kinetic sculpture, so it didn't take much convincing to pick these up, once I found a good deal online.

Disc 2 arrived yesterday (disc 1 is still in the mail - hopefully it will come today) and I enjoyed it. The music may be a little monotonous for an everyday life soundtrack, but the creativity and thought that went into creating the instruments and animation is great. I see these videos as being the ones that get pulled out for 5-10 minutes of winding down before bed.

Now, if you will excuse me, it's time to go assault some plants.

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