Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When You Gamble, Sometimes You Lose

Alyssa's home again. She asked to go to school at about 8:30, and I felt she was up for it, so I packed her lunch and away we went.

It lasted until 12:30, when the school nurse called me. Alyssa was coughing very hard, and looked miserable. So away I went to pick her up. At least she hadn't thrown up.

For that she waited until we were on our way to the car.

She hasn't quite figured out that if she leans over far enough, she won't throw up on herself. So in addition to a sick child, I had to deal with a soiled shirt, soiled pants, and soiled Spider-Man shoes. And the wind is blowing, so there was hair that needed a wash, too.

The hot water ran out during the hair rinse. I think one of the elements in our water heater is out. Since the home warranty people replaced both elements a month or two ago, I need to call them to come back and fix it. But I keep forgetting, as there is always enough hot water for my shower.

I think I'll call right now.

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