Sunday, February 18, 2007

Anna's Fishy Project

We made it through another Saturday, and managed to get a few projects done, including some long overdue cleaning. Anna even helped vacuum the floors, and only put up a fuss equal to that of a pinkie-finger amputation. Alyssa still has her cough, although she managed to sleep through the night with only a couple of minor spells that were quickly subdued by a drink of water.

Kara has developed a rash that has her itching unbearably. As with most things, we have some likely suspects but no clear guilty party. It could be yeast. Or cotton. Or dust mites. Or vitamin B12. Or any number of variables. I haven't talked to her yet today, but hopefully it isn't as bad as it was yesterday.

Anna is really taking her fish care responsibilities seriously. Of course, we're only on day 8, but still I'm impressed with how strong her sense of duty is. We changed the water in their containers today, and she ran back and forth between the fish bowls and the replacement water with a little meat thermometer to make sure the temperature was the same, so as not to shock the fish.

The water got cloudy very quickly this time. We suspect it was caused by food pellets falling down into the decorative glass marbles at the bottom of the bowls where the fish can't get to them, and then dissolving out into the water. We'll try without the marbles for the next few days, and see how that works.

If I could only get her to put that kind of energy into helping out around the house. She told me yesterday that her lack of willingness to help was because of how I raised her. I let her know that I would be retraining her in earnest, so she should watch out. She's a good kid, but she has a very strong will and we didn't put nearly enough effort into channeling her energies. Now's the time, as it won't get any easier.

Tomorrow I have the day off, in honor of President's Day. For some reason, the girls don't have the day off from school. So as long as Alyssa's cough is better by then, I'll have the whole day to myself. I think I'll clean the garage and play my ukulele. And not necessarily in that order.

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